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Our humble beginnings started back in 2002 in Tulsa, OK when Kyle and Ami Brown were searching for a new apartment. Being new to the area, Kyle had no one to help in moving from one apartment to another. Every apartment special in the area of the time was free rent ranging from 1 to 2 months. We did not need free rent we needed help moving... When I approached the apartment community with our delimma of not needing the Free Rent instead we needed movers, their response is what started it all... "great idea you should start it".


Relocated the business to serve the Kansas City Metro Area.
closed early 2014, family illness.


Relaunch the business to serve the Kansas City Metro Area.

Coming Soon...

Metro Area

Alert me... be the first to know when this metro area opens up. We are currently working with apartments in your area and look to launch our free services to you very soon. Please take a moment and let us know who you are so we can alert you when our wheels are rolling... Thanks!

we will send you an email to confirm your address and enter you into our free give-a-way!